Friday, September 7, 2012

Original Duke Ellington Jazz Art Piano Painting

"Duke Ellington"
10" x 8"
Acrylic on Canvas Board. 2012

From the "Legends of Jazz" series.

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington (April 29, 1899 – May 24, 1974)

Duke Ellington called his music "American Music" rather than jazz, and liked to describe those who impressed him as "beyond category. He remains one of the most influential figures in jazz, if not in all American music and is widely considered as one of the twentieth century's best known African American personalites. As both a composer and a band leader, Ellington's reputation has increased since his death, with thematic repackagings of his signature music often becoming best-sellers. Posthumous recognition of his work include a special award citation from the Pulitzer Prize Board.

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